The Immigration Law regulates the free movement and residence of foreign people in Spain. It establishes the right to obtain the residence permits. There is a great diversity of types of residences depending on the circumstances of each person, so it is essential to have good advice to apply for residence adequate to avoid future problems.

On certain occasions, the application for Spanish residence must be processed from the country of origin or residence, that is, from the Embassy, ​​such as the Non-Lucrative Residence or the Initial Residence for Employee or Self-Employed. On other occasions it can be submitted directly in Spain, as is the case with “residences” for European citizens and their families, or Residences for Exceptional Circumstances such as “Social Roots”. Also, for certain types of residences, it can be processed from the country of origin or residence and as well as directly in Spain, as Student Residence permits or the Residence for Investors, commonly known as the “Golden Visa”.

We advise our clients even when they are in the country of origin or residence, we manage the entire process from Spain until the residence permit is obtained. From the Costa del Sol we offer, thanks to our experience and new technologies, the necessary and sufficient services to our clients who want or have to process their visas and residences at the Spanish Embassies, so we will be with our clients during the whole process.

If the client contacts us once they are already in Spain, the possible options of residence will be studied, including an application for Asylum and International Protection. We will study all ways for our clients and their relatives to get residency in Spain. In addition, once in Spain, we also work Residence for Exceptional Circumstances “Social Roots, (Arraigo Social)”, Modifications in the type of residence, for example for authorizations to work as employee or self-employee, Renewals or application for Long-Term Residence.

For the Community Regime applicable to citizens of the European Union, we prepare your file to obtain the EU Registration Certificate and the Card for your relatives.

Regarding the specific situation of British citizens due to the application of the Brexit, we are in the transitional period to obtain the Card through the Community Regime as European citizens, we advise you in your particular case.

           Spanish nationality can be granted by option, origin, residence, possession of state and nature card. We study your specific case in order to obtain a passport and Spanish nationality.

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