About Family Law, our objective is to provide solutions according to the situations that may occur in the family.

We advise our clients regarding marriage and the marriage financial regime, including the particularities of domestic partners.

We manage separations and divorces by mutual agreement with the Regulatory Agreement or by Litigation Process. All of that advising and defending on measures regarding children, parental authority, guardianship and custody, alimony, compensatory pension, visitation regime, use of the family home, etc. Also, its possible modifications, and the execution in case of infringement.

In the case of common property of marriage, we manage the pertinent liquidation of the matrimonial regime.

In the area of ​​Inheritance Law, we advise our client in the proper planning of an inheritance, for example with the drafting of a will.

If you are called to an inheritance as legatee, forced heir and / or heir, we process the inheritance with the due security from the opening to the adjudication, including the pertinent liquidation of the Inheritance Taxes.

In case of discrepancies between heirs, we will assist in the necessary negotiations or the Court Procedure of division and adjudication of inheritance if it is necessary to comply with the will of the deceased.

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